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Welcome to the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast with Emmitt Muckles. You may also visit for more information. 

Sep 28, 2020

I need your help/opinion with the show

Sep 20, 2020

today's guest Chad Peterson, From blue to white a working man's guide to self-employment and business ownership.

Chad has written a best-seller “From Blue to White: A Working Man’s Guide to Self-Employment” and “Swinging Doors: A Guide to Selling Your Company”.  Chad has worked tenaciously to succeed and I...

Sep 7, 2020


Eliyahu Jian is an author, life and spiritual coach, motivational speaker and advisor to people of all ages and backgrounds. Eliyahu empowers people to be the best version of themselves, create stronger relationEliyahuships, achieve career success, and create healthier lifestyles by developing a spiritual connection....