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Welcome to the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast with Emmitt Muckles. You may also visit for more information. 

Nov 26, 2019

Topics during the show

  • What causes “Leaky Gut”.
  • What are some of the typical symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome?
  •  You say that “un-foods” are linked to Leaky Gut. What are “un-foods”?
  • What dietary changes do you recommend for those with Leaky Gut?
  • You emphasize the use of digestive enzymes by those trying to mitigate their Leaky Gut symptoms. Why enzymes?
  • Where can listeners go to request a free sample of AbsorbAide digestive enzymes?
  • What effects food has on our lives.
  • Possible Causes of recent common allergies

Dr. Julie Gatza Bio

DR. JULIE GATZA( Dr. Julie) Co-founder of the Florida Wellness Institute
Health educator Dr. Julie Gatza is one of the nation's top chiropractic physicians with more than 26 years of clinical practice during which she assisted more than 25,000 patients to resolve a wide variety of physical ailments. Using her understanding of the nervous system, nutrition, and alternative therapies, Dr.Gatza’s mission with each patient is to enhance their body's potential to heal itself. Dr. Gatza regularly lectures and educates audiences on how to maintain optimum health with a focus on the role that a healthy, balanced, parasite-free digestive tract plays in maintaining a healthy immune system. She currently serves as spokesman for Nature’s Sources, distributors of AbsorbAid digestive enzymes.

Website for Dr. Julie Gatza