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May 6, 2019

Else Byskov is a student of the Danish Philosopher Martinis, Death is nothing to fear and we are set to evolve as higher humans.

Else Buskov

Else Byskov is an international authority on the spiritual science of Martinus (1890-1981), the Danish philosopher, visionary and mystic. Else has written 7 books covering profound aspects of Martinus’ world view. The work of Martinus is the most complete spiritual revelation ever disclosed to humankind and it answers all the big questions. It is spiritual nourishment for us, living here right now, in modern societies with a scientific outlook.

Else is Danish. She has university degrees in Spanish and English philology and she mostly writes in English.

On Else´s website  you can see her books, learn more about the spiritual science of Martinus, read more than 40 blog-posts and download lots of free material.