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Dec 16, 2016

[caption id="attachment_573" align="aligncenter" width="300"] John Lagoudakis Website consultant and person for Website traffic.[/caption]

How to gain Website traffic for your business and products online.

John Lagoudakis has to figure out how to keep his online business  for Website traffic afloat after Google changed the algorithm removing product from Google AdWords campaigns.   They say when one door closes another opens. When you have an online business the key to success is driving traffic. John states his success was not an overnight sensation and there were a great deal of pitfalls along the way. Through determination and the no other option approach John made a door where there was none available. Instead of promoting the products of other people and companies John decided to figure out how to add value to a crowded system. He found that adding quality and value in the form of a service as a product was just what the doctor ordered for John to succeed. Now at  he has webinars, podcast and other material to help self starters and veteran online people gain traffic and knowledge. Johns driving force is his family who drives him to provide choices in life by showing them there are more options available than the traditional 9-5 ideology would have use to believe.  Although John is located in Australia, his clients and followers are located all over the globe. John shares some insight into starting your online business and gaining traffic. John also share with us a fact how many people claim to offer products are not what they seem.  If you are unsure of a marking website John suggest visiting The Warrior forum to gain insight and perspective on any online course concerning email marking and online marketing.  A big tip was how video is the best method to reach your audience and how to effectively use ad to target and re-target customers for the best bang for the buck. The methods connecting with potential customers has changed in the last few years so its best to do serious homework before diving in head first in the online marketing world. If you require help is here to help.   Now go live The Billionaire LifeStyle Emmitt