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Mar 28, 2021

Rico Racosky Crystal Clear Thinking

As Rico sees it, every moment is a “Just 2 Choices Moment”—a new opportunity to make a new and better choice in life—to turn ORDINARY everyday choices into EXTRAORDINARY choices every day to live an extraordinary life…choice by choice by choice! It’s a Choice Revolution!...

Mar 23, 2021


Thom King is Part CEO, part personal development wonk, and part biohacker info geek, Thom King is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur. While his favorite book list contains many success-oriented and personal-development classics, the traditional definition of achieving success (e.g. make a...

Mar 9, 2021

The legendary Udo Erasmus

founder of Udo’s Choice - found in

He invented the machinery for making oils, enzymes, probiotics, and more. Udo first pioneered Flaxseed Oil and the Healthy Fats industry..

Udo is an acclaimed author, speaker, and expert on TOTAL SEXY HEALTH. He has an 8 step process that takes...

Mar 1, 2021


Doctor, author, and radio personality Dr. Afshan Hashmi. Dr. Afshan N.Hashmi, Regulatory, Business Development, Scientific Consultant as well as Best-Selling Author, Radio and TV Personality and also Publishing Consultant. Can take care of your book development process from concept development to finished book...