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Dec 31, 2016

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5 Optimistic Rebirthing Tips

In retrospect December and January are the months I am most creative, because I'm bored. Thinking back over the winters I have suffered led me to optimistic tips I have learned. It's during the winter months, we become less occupied with activities. Winter month become prime time for reflection and retooling oneself.  When thinking about how to move forward in our lives, we dream of something new, birth ideas and make New Years Resolutions. As soon as the warmer months or even before the warmer moths arrive many times we abandon the results of the winter idea spree. I have had my grand moments of self exploration and creativity, only to get sidetracked, by slow progress, and eventual disinterest until the next winter.  Deciding to be better steered me to slowing down and simplifying my ideas. Writing down the ideas is one of the best practices to make things sticky. I have listed 5 Optimistic rebirthing tips, as they directly relate to New Years Resolutions. The most substantial action with enacting change is to try, put an action to the thought. Many of us fail because we never honestly try to reach our goals.  Even if we put forth an effort, the slightest obstacle can derail our efforts. Fear is another factor. Often we are afraid we will succeed, the mind get in the way and can sway your outcome to obtain your goal.  fear of failure is not relative, if you don't somehow reach your goal Any changes we make to ourselves, be it thoughts, actions and ideology is a personal rebirthing, however small.  So here are my tips.  

Tip number # 1 - Try to meet new people

As we grow older and pass the high school and college phase, introduction to new people dwindles for us professionally and socially.  After most of us begin to have families with children the circle rapidly becomes smaller of new individuals and adult social interactions. Facebook, google + becomes our social portal. These platforms are lacking due to the lack breathing the same air as another human. There is a great platform for getting out of the house, learning new things and make new acquaintances, is a place to become involved with your community, gather new social networks, and learn things related to almost any interest on the planet.  You can sign up, input your interest and list of local and remote meeting of groups/events will appear before you immediately.

Tip number # 2 - Try a new Activity

This is a cousin to tip number 1, but differs in the meetups are things you are interested already typically but can be integrated with tip number 2. Do you have an idea that someone you know make look at you a little crazy because they never though of you as that adventurous.  Well that is the thing you should do. Well it does not have to be really crazy. Pick something you have had interest but never really got around to experiencing. I'm not you so, you know what that thing is. Try to make a short term bucket list. It could be visit the ocean, climb a mountain,join a yoga class,  visit old battle grounds, or visit Washington state of Washington D.C. The choice is yours but like Nike slogan puts it, Just Do It.

Tip number # 3 - Travel far from where you live (1000 mile journey)

64% of American have never traveled abroad and do not posses a passport. Will America is a vast country, many American travel, but to places of familiarity. Much of this is due to the Job parameters of vacation time. You would be really surprised at how much travel and experiences you can fit into a three or four-day weekend if vacation time is limited to 10 or 12 days a year. You may be able to use learning experiences related to you Job to get the heck away. Employers may be willing to give you more time off if it will benefit them because of a conference you are attending on your own dime. It is important to visit places you may see on the travel channel. Distance traveling may be a little taxing but it is so worth it. My Mom taught me about travel very early on with the three and four-day excursions we would have. The experiences opened me up to things later in life which have proven to be extremely valuable as an adult.

Tip number # 4 - Learn a new Skill

Learning a new skill is vital to your growth. Remember that we all suck at something at first, and the best portion is the journey. Learning a new skill keeps you fresh and in tuned with who you are and what you want in life. There have been many people who have changed careers because they learned a new skill and found out how much passion it pulled from their core. I have don't this several times in my life with DJing, Podcasting, and electronic repair to name a few. While you may not be wildly adventurous, learning a single new skill and make life more enjoyable.

Tip number # 5 - Change your style

Fashion is an ever evolving component in our lives. Changing fashion or physical presence is a confidence booster. Changing aspects of yourself gives you freedom and says you are not stuck. We all know that person who has worn the same hairstyle since 1998. Get fresh with yourself. It may not be drastic as wearing pink suits to work, but chose a different pants and shoe combinations. Move from jeans and sneakers and slacks and upscaled shoes. Try a different hair style ( I can't because I don't have the hair), ease into it. Women are the kinds of changing style, men on the other hand are not very good style changers. If you are man with no style, please consult a woman, since we have not clue how to accessorize, and complement our forms.